19 January 2016

Another victim dies following terrorism attack

A former security guard, aged 40, has died of mesothelioma thought to be caused by exposure to carcinogenic dust in the aftermath of the Manchester IRA bombing in 1996.

Stuart Packard, from Essex, was 21 when he spent just three weeks working as an emergency security guard at the site of the IRA bombing at the Arndale Centre in Manchester.

Stuart was diagnosed in March 2015 after he started losing weight and felt tired and out of breath. He died just nine months later in December 2015.

It is believed he came into contact with carcinogenic asbestos dust caused by demolition work following the attack, which injured more than 200 people and caused £1.5bn worth of damage. No-one was killed at the time but many properties were so badly damaged they had to be demolished. The huge clear-up operation took months and was complicated by the fact that some of the buildings contained asbestos.

Although there is evidence of workmen using protective clothing, Mr Packard’s family believe he was not given the right protective equipment and are investigating a possible civil claim for compensation. Mesothelioma has a long incubation period and it can take many years to develop any symptoms.

Last month we reported that a former bomb squad detective had died following his involvement in the Brighton bombing in 1984. Sadly an alarming number of asbestos-related cancers are also emerging following the 9/11 attack in New York in 2001, with many more predicted in the next 10 to 15 years.

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Ref: Telegraph, Manchester Evening News

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