23 November 2016

Famous people who battled mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure and is often associated as a disease which affects older men from blue collar professions and military personnel.

Evidence shows, however, that it does not discern who is affected and a number of noteworthy individuals have lost their battle against mesothelioma. These include professional athletes, musicians, Olympic gold medallists and world-renowned actors who have all died from mesothelioma.

The only common link between all of them is exposure to asbestos at some point in their lives. Asbestos becomes potentially fatal if fibres are released into the air and inhaled or ingested. It can take between 15 to 50 years after exposure before the symptoms become obvious.

Here’s a selection of the most recognisable people who fought mesothelioma:

Famous people


Further information is available from asbestos.com and mesothelioma.com