11 April 2017

Future Generations Project

On Wednesday 5th April the ‘Future Generations Project’ was launched by Asbestos Awareness and Support Cymru (A.A.S.C) at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay.

Enquin Environmental was delighted to receive an invitation to the event and be able to support this worthy cause.

The Future Generations Project focuses on reaching younger people with the messages of safe working practices and the dangers that asbestos poses on our health.

The audience was addressed by various speakers with the aim of bringing different areas together; including asbestos awareness, knowledge, legal advice, research, clinical trials, treatment available, improving quality of life, funding and fund raising.

Stephen Jones, Enquin Environmental’s Technical Manager, said “Our work is all about protecting people from the dangers of asbestos and so this project is very relevant and close to our hearts. We wish them every success and will offer what support and assistance we can to help spread the message to the younger generation”.

A.A.S.C is the only national charity in Wales dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to people with illnesses caused by asbestos. The charity also provides support and advice to victims’ families and carers. They offer specialist support and signposting, referring enquirers to the right professionals, raising awareness about benefits and compensation that can be claimed and generally being there to listen and care.

Find out more about this project and the work of the A.A.S.C on their website here.