24 November 2016

Newport Norse


Newport Norse is a highly successful facilities management and contract services provider. Since 2014, the company has provided a range of Property Management and Facilities Management Services to Private and Public sector organisations including Newport City Council.

Newport Norse maintains over 100 commercial properties in the Borough, including Civic Buildings, Schools, Libraries, Pavilions, Car Parks, Youth & Community Centres and Cemeteries.

Newport Norse recognises the importance of managing the risk of asbestos containing materials and their responsibilities as the Duty Holder under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, to protect the Health and Safety of their employees, contractors, tenants and members of the public.

Enquin Environmental has worked with Newport Norse since 2015 with previous experience of working on the same property portfolio when managed by Newport City Council themselves.

Project Details

Enquin Environmental has supported Newport Norse as their Asbestos Consultant since 2015.  We provide a range of Asbestos Consultancy Services, including; Emergency Call-Out, Sample Analysis, Management Surveys, Refurbishment/ Demolition Surveys, Re-Inspections and Air Monitoring of Asbestos Remediation Projects across a portfolio of properties at various sites across Newport.


For school refurbishment projects, a flexible approach is required and surveys need to be scheduled during school holidays or outside of normal school hours.

Similarly with any re-inspections, work needs to be undertaken to avoid any disruption to the daily school routine. This involves liaising with each school to confirm a convenient date/time to undertake the re-inspection.

Enquin Environmental recognises the responsibility of working on public premises and prides ourselves on our professional and approachable staff. Our Surveyors are well prepared to help allay any concerns by explaining the risks associated with asbestos identified in each property.

Quote from Client

“Newport Norse has an excellent working relationship with Enquin Environmental and the service they provide is highly professional and extremely cost effective.  We have saved at least 25% on our asbestos management costs through working with them. The quality of reporting is consistently high and our re-inspection schedule is adhered to. We can trust them to do a good job and are very happy with the service received from them.


Stephen Wilks, Asbestos, Fire & Risk Officer, Newport Norse