Four Stage Clearance Testing

Four stage clearances are a legal requirement for the vast majority of situations involving licensed asbestos work.

Removing materials containing some asbestos

The process allows for impartial, expert confirmation that asbestos within an enclosure has been removed or remediated to the agreed scope and that the area is safe to re-occupy. On completion, a ‘Certificate of Reoccupation’ is issued on site to the Client confirming successful completion of the works.

The stages of the Four Stage Clearance process are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness;
  • Stage 2: A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure/work area;
  • Stage 3: Air monitoring;
  • Stage 4: Final assessment post-enclosure/work area dismantling.

We advise on-site attendance by one of our Analysts or Consultants for the duration of the remediation project. We value being involved at the start and throughout the job, ensuring the Client is suitably advised through close communication, and that the remedial work achieves the required Client outcome.

View our UKAS Testing Certificate and Schedule here.

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