Re-Inspections *

Re-Inspections: Making sure you stay compliant

DigitalAny identified or suspected ACM must be inspected and its condition assessed periodically, to check that it has not deteriorated or been damaged. We can help you do this by setting up regular re-inspection dates, or you can simply call us and book a re-inspection when you need to.

* UKAS accredited

If you are considering doing re-inspections yourselves, please ensure you have the insurance cover to allow you to do this.

We are accredited through UKAS as an Inspection body for Surveying of Asbestos in Premises for the following types and range of Inspection:

  • Management Survey – domestic, commercial and industrial premises
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Survey – domestic, commercial and industrial premises
  • Priority Assessments – domestic, commercial and industrial premises
  • Re-Inspection of identified or suspected asbestos containing material in surveyed premises

View our UKAS Inspection Certificate and Schedule here.

To speak to one of our asbestos management experts, call us on 02920 535090 or complete the contact form.